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Starting in volume 236 (2016), the Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik / Journal of Economics and Statistics publish a special section entitled Data Observer. Contributions describe data that can be used in empirical research in economics, and in the social sciences in general. The purpose is to describe the information that is available in the data sets, to give examples of topics investigated with the data, and to inform readers how to access these data for their own research. Furthermore, papers in the series portray the research data centers and data service centers of data producing institutions that allow academic researchers to work with (mostly confidential) micro data for individuals and firms.

All contributions to the Data Observer section are available free of charge from this website of the Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik / Journal of Economics and Statistics.

Those who are interested in contributing to this section are encouraged to contact the editor in charge of the special section, Joachim Wagner, by sending a mail to

The German Time Series Dataset, 1834–2012
(Thomas Rahlf)

Exporter and Importer Dynamics Database for Germany
(Joachim Wagner)

New Register Data from the German Public Employment Service on Voluntary Unemployment Insurance
(Barbara Hofmann, Markus Köhler, Michael Oberfichtner)

A Unique Research Data Infrastructure for Educational Research and Beyond: The National Educational Panel Study
(Daniel Fuß, Jutta von Maurice, Hans-Günther Roßbach)

The Research Data Center PIAAC at GESIS
(Anja Perry, Beatrice Rammstedt)

The ZEW ICT Survey 2002 to 2015: Measuring the Digital Transformation in German Firms
(Bertschek, Irene / Ohnemus, Jörg / Viete, Steffen)

Panel Data on Training Activities – Voucher Recipients and Eligible Employees of the Program Bildungsprämie
(Görlitz, Katja / Tamm, Marcus)

The Establishment History Panel – Redesign and Update 2016
(Eberle, Johanna / Schmucker, Alexandra)

The Linked Employer–Employee Study of the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP-LEE): Content, Design and Research Potential

(Weinhardt, Michael / Meyermann, Alexia / Liebig, Stefan / Schupp, Jürgen)

The German Doctoral Candidates and Doctorate Holders Study ProFile
(Lange, Janine / Lietz, Almuth / Ambrasat, Jens / Tesch, Jakob / Wegner, Antje)

The Research Data Centre of the Halle Institute for Economic Research – Member of the Leibniz Association FDZ-IWH
(Lang, Cornelia / Kuttig, Tim)

Ifo World Economic Survey Database – An International Economic Expert Survey
(Boumans, Dorine / Garnitz, Johanna)


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