Replication studies

The Journal of Economics and Statistics also publishes replication studies. Scientific or broader replication studies with an own contribution that sufficiently extends the existent literature can be submitted as “Original Papers” and undergo the regular review process. But the editors also invite authors to submit more explicit replication studies of previously published papers in the section “Under Debate”.

Under Debate – Replication Studies

These replication studies usually focus on the robustness of empirical findings of papers published in the Journal of Economics and Statistics or in other internationally renowned economics journals. Such replication studies should not be too narrow and rather scientific than pure replications, i.e., they can use (a) different methods and same data or (b) same methods and different data (different time or different population); but no pure reproductions (same method and same data). Typically, such replications can be research notes. The authors should start by briefly stating literature, theory, methods, data, and findings of the replicated paper, before starting the own replication, and finishing with a comparison of the results as well as a short discussion. Also note that we follow good scientific practices for replications, which include (1) respectful wording towards the authors of the replicated paper, (2) previous contact with the authors of the replicated paper in case of an unsuccessful replication (please submit e-mail conversations etc. as PDF with your submission, both in the case of an answer as well as in case of no answer in a sufficient time frame, e.g., at least one month), (3) material such as data and program codes making the replication transparent and replicable (please submit the material for our “Data Archive” already with your submission, see guidelines for restricted data etc. under “Data Archive”), and (4) an invitation to the original authors of a replicated paper to shortly comment on an accepted replication study. Replication studies submitted in the section “Under Debate” will be handled by the Replication Studies Editor and undergo an independent review process. Contributions to the section must be in English and have to include a short abstract, 3 to 5 keywords, and the JEL-Classifications.

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