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Journal of Economics and Statistics – Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik

Manuscripts must be submitted on as either

  • Word file
  • PDF plus TeX source files in a ZIP archive.

Preceding the text, the following details are to be listed on the manuscript in the following order:

  • Title in English,
  • Author name(s) and affiliation (at least institution, city, and country),
  • Abstract in English,
  • Keywords in English,
  • JEL Classification (code only, e.g. H68).

Citations, Footnotes, Bibliography

  • Citations must follow the Harvard reference style: Steiner and Wagner (1998: 5), or (Steiner and Wagner 1998: 110 ff.); if there are more than two authors: Boucekkine et al. (2002: 53f.).
    Several citations within parentheses are separated by semicolon: (Steiner and Wagner 1998; Spengler 2004).
  • The bibliography must also follow the Harvard reference style, see examples below:

Andreasen, N.C. (2001). Brave new brain: conquering mental illness in the era of the genome. Oxford University Press, Oxford.
Melitz, Marc J. (2003). The impact of trade on intra-industry reallocations and aggregate industry productivity. Econometrica 71: 1695–1725.
Ferres, K. (2001). Idiot box: television, urban myths and ethical scenarios. In: Craven, I. (Ed.). Australian cinema in the 1990s. Frank Cass, London, pp. 175–188.
Fayadh, K.H. (2015). The legal regulation of assisted reproductive technology in Iraq: lessons from the Australian approach, Ph.D. thesis. Penrith, Western Sydney University. Available at: (accessed 27 May 2009).

  • Footnote numerals in the text appearing at the end of a sentence or clause are placed behind the punctuation mark. Footnotes in the main title or with the author’s name use the star symbol (*), they will be converted to article and author notes. Regular footnotes use superscript Arabic numerals (1).
  • For numbers in your text, tables and graphs, please use the correct German and English notation, depending on the language of your paper: German: 10,8 / 5.000.000, English: 10.8 / 5,000,000
  • Appendices should be named „Appendix A, „Appendix B“ etc.

All figures must be uploaded as separate files in eps-, jpg-, or png-format, depending on image type. Grids are to be avoided.
Book reviews
The Journal of Economics and Statistics also publishes book reviews. The editors invite authors for the review of selected books. The length of book reviews is typically between 0,5 and 3 manuscript pages. Book reviews can be submitted on They should include the following information:

  • The heading should include the title of the book, the publisher, year of publication, number of pages, price, and ISBN (including the dashes)
  • The reviewers’ affiliation

Editing time
The editors of the Journal of Economics and Statistics try to provide a fast first feedback to the authors of submitted manuscripts. Nevertheless, screening and reviewing of the submissions requires some time.
In the last 5 years, the median time until the first feedback to the authors amounted to 90 days, while the 90 percent quantile was slightly below five months.
If the authors are invited to resubmit a revised version of their paper, this revision usually should be provided within three months.
Data Archive
The Journal of Economics and Statistics (Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik) maintains a Data Archive in cooperation with ZBW ( Authors of accepted papers are expected to deposit a complete set of all data used for their analysis in electronic form. Further details will be provided after acceptance of the paper.

Hybrid Open Access
In this journal, authors have the option to publish their article under an open access license. Open Access allows you as an author to retain copyright and share your findings with colleagues and interested parties worldwide without any restraints.
Please note that authors from institutions with which we have a transformative agreement can publish open access without paying an article processing charge (APC). More information on the eligible institutions and articles can be found under the "Funding and Support" tab here.


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